About Us

Based in Holt, North Norfolk 

I regret that I didn't begin JaneV Antiques earlier in life.  I had the chance as an Uncle was a dealer and as children we were allowed to play in his workshop, There were no 'old things' in my family home and going to my Aunt and Uncles house was always a delight.  But better late than never.

Until a few year ago I was a designer/ builder of houses and spent any spare moment on the back of horse careering around England playing Polocrosse. 

I had been talking about having a shop when I retired, one selling reupholstered furniture (I had trained as an Upholsterer in the 1980s), the furniture accumulated over the years for dressing new houses and also to indulge my love of paintings and maps. 

This was put on fast forward when I had an encounter with Cancer and the old way of life had to go, and, rather than a shop I took a pitch at Holt Antiques and Interiors Centre. 

Nowadays I have little time of Upholstery. Days are very full.  I just wish I had the energy of a younger woman.

I hope you enjoy my website and like my things.



Stool by Jane V

Jane on Nutmeg

House by Jane v